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Church History

We began in 1942, in response to the Religions Activities Committee of the neighboring Greenmont Village and Oak Park Communities in their search for establishing a Christian Community of fellowship and education.  Greenmont-Oak Park Community Church was established to be in fellowship with all other Churches and welcomed all who love God to its membership regardless of sect or denomination.  The church ws founded in 1946 with Rev. Ray Hilty as the founding Pastor.  He served the congregation until 1971.  The founding members discovered through their working together and with Rev. Hilty's guidance that all members are ministers together and all are equal in voice.  The primary concepts have always been ones of respect and love, being Christ-centered, having unity in love and diversity, ecumenical, community-minded, open to new ways to know and do God's will, and to be Biblically inspired. 

GOPCC affiliated with the United Church of Christ in 1971.  We joined with this denomination to provide Christian resources to us and to privide an antonomous structure for our individual church.  Rev. John Schwartz was called as Pastor in 1972 and served until 1983.  Rev. Dr. Thomas Marlin served from 1983-95. Rev. Gregory King served us from 1997-2011. Rev. Gabriel Oberholzer is currently serving us as Pastor.

Our community of members has grown from the adjacent residential neighborhoods to members from all across the Greater Miami Valley area. 


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